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ПОМОГИТЕ С АНГЛИЙСКИМ!У МЕНЯ НЕТ НАДЕЖДЫ,НАДЕЖДА НА ВАС!! the people ... the passengers while they ... off the train A)were watching,were getting B)watched ,get C)had watched,got D)have watched,getting R.Behbudov .... Azerbaijan wherever he ... A)glorifies,has been B)will grorify,is C)had glorified,had been D)glorified,was he lived on little money he... before his retirement A)is saving B)saves C)had saved D)will save when we ... the theatre the concert ... A)reached,had begun B)reach,had begun C)reached ,had began D)will reach ,will begin when I ... to the airport,I realizad that I ... to take the ticket A)got,has forgotten B)got,forget C)get,had forgotten D)got ,had forgotten near the house Arthur ... the man he ... at the station A)met,have seen B)met ,had seen C)meet,saw D)will meet,have seen my granny .... in the room when I ... home A)were sewing,returned B)was sewing ,returned C)sews ,will return D)is sewing ,will retur

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1- a, 2-d, 3- c,4- a, 5 d,6-c, 7- b

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