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25 БАЛЛОВ! СРОЧНО! Напишите, пожалуйста, письмо на тему "поход в кино" (любой фильм, который смотрели, или выберите другую тему, но не заоблачную) по этому плану: Dear (+your friends first name) - PARAGRAPH 1: reason for writing - PARAGRAPH 2: preparations you have already made - PARAGRAPH 3: preparations you havent made yet - PARAGRAPH 4: date event and closing remarks - Lost of love/Best wishes, etc (your first name)

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Dear Mourney,
Its your friend Vlad. Im writing you because Im interting how your live and whats new happend to you and you friend and parents.Did you finish you biology courses? 

I have some great news, I finally ended my ecology courses, but it still a lot of debts in nature guarding. Thats why I decided to relax and go to watch movie.
I watched I Kristin(me my friend and heroin) film.It trully shows all what could happen to people who takes drugs. That film made me thing and awared me.
Any way, Im going to continue me PHA researches and got some reputation after that.  
Hope that you will answer me and probably visit.
Your friend Vlad who really miss you.

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